Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Home at Last Sanctuary

My daughter is spending this school year with her grandparents..... Before I go into more detail about that, I want to point out some interesting facts.

My daughter is 12.
The grandparents in question are her paternal grandparents.
They're retired but still VERY busy.
They live in the middle of nowhere.

When I was 12, I lived with my VERY busy paternal grandparents, in the middle of nowhere.

Coincidence? Possibly.....

Anyway, Beth's grandparents have decided that instead of retiring like most folks, they're going to spend their "golden years" operating the Home At Last Sanctuary. At this moment in time, they care for FIFTY SIX horses... and that's not even the total head count - there are also a couple of calves, goats, dogs, cats and assorted barnyard feathered friends, and our turtle. AND, they have a pond that's been taken over by the California Chorus Frog (aka Pacific Tree Frog) - isn't it CUTE???? I LOVE frogs... but that's another post.....

Now, my grandparents were busy building the house we're now living in and eventually running a restaurant  (and my grandpa was in his 80's and STILL doing the restaurant thing when he passed away). But that's for yet another post, when I'm feeling more sentimental. I imagine that Beth's grandparents will do this until they just can't anymore.

This is Beth & her grandpa "Poppy" along with the two newest members of the Sanctuary. This has been a really great opportunity for Beth - she's gotten to spend A LOT of time with her grandparents. They're both retired teachers and actually homeschooled her until March when she finally got a spot at the local charter school. She's also learned a lot about horses and livestock, including a lot of little-known negatives about the dairy industry - which is why they have the calves & goats.

Ok kids: Time for your homework:

First, go check out Home At Last's blog and learn something new today! You can also find them in the "Links I Love" section to the right.

Then, take a look at the ADORABLE toothy grin that she had when she WASN'T 12

Now, I hear a pile of wood calling my name......

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  1. she is too cute! i love that at their age they are still rockin and a rollin'.....i hope i can be half that!