Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunrise snow.

As if yesterday's wind and rain wasn't enough to make me second guess the arrival of spring, what I woke up to today sure was. This is what I saw at 5:45am this morning:

That's right folks, SNOW. And these are not pictures from earlier this winter. These are TODAY'S  pictures. A very nice new 4+ inches of new snow on the patio wall..

On my patio table and chairs:

Despite my wishes for spring to just get here already, I realize that living where we do - at 5000 feet elevation - means that snow is commonplace - even as late as June! I also was conscious enough to take a moment to enjoy the beauty I was seeing.... At 5:45 am, I was conscious LOL. The sun was rising, and it was still snowing, and it was beautiful:

By noon, most of the snow had melted off, thanks to a break in the snowfall and some sun here & there. But as I started making lunch, THIS happened:

That's right folks - crazy sideways snow. Here a truck turns south on Highway 89 toward Truckee:

While most of the snow had melted off the cars and the patio wall by this point, it was really coming down, and the sky was completely cloaked in this slate color:

The snow was making it difficult to see much of anything:
Even though we had wind and rain yesterday and snow today, we still had fun. We watched movies. I updated the blog, and we looked at crazy old school stuff. I hope you all enjoyed today as much as we did! Here are the links for the rest of our fun today - gray hairs, "retro" educational materials and pancakes.

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