Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorable Weekend

As in Memorial Day Weekend. This is the weekend which is the beginning of Beth's summer time with me. It's also the first weekend since Dale went back to work where he could visit with us for more than 2 days... ok, so it's only one day longer, but it makes a HUGE difference. But, because he'll be leaving on Monday, we opted to have our Memorial Day feast today. Beth and I planted the last of the peas & squash from our little green house and we also went up to Grandpa's "campground" which is a bit of National Forest Service land about 3.5 miles from the house. It's where we go when there's too much activity going on in town - such as busy holiday weekends. Beth and LD even found a use for the cracked snow disc, and here I was just going to throw it away... LOL what was I thinking???

A mile up the paved road you take a forest service road and then travel another 2.5 miles into the forest. Until about the last 2 years, Grandpa was spending a good deal of time up at the campsite every day - to escape the "heat" in town - to him that means the temps are over 85 degrees. Because he hasn't been up there in a couple of years, he was dying to get back up and take a look at what was "left" of his handiwork. And, here's what we found:

We're looking forward to cleaning it up and spending some days up there again! Though, I don't know that I have the energy to move all the rocks like Dad did... or build structures like he did...

Ahhhhhh... I love summer!

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