Thursday, September 23, 2010

Don't be like me.

Periodically, we all have our "moments," times when you do something and then immediately think, "what the heck?" Well this morning I had one of those moments.

For anyone that wears contacts, I cannot speak highly enough about a product called Clear Care - you can get it online, at Wal Mart or even Costco - I usually get it at Costco in a double pack for around $13.00. It's nearly doubled the wear time of my disposable contact lenses and I don't have to rub them to get them clean. When I say clean, I mean REALLY clean.

Right on the bottle it says DO NOT CLEAN LENSES WITH CLEAR CARE BEFORE INSERTING INTO EYES. Well yeah, that should be pretty obvious - the main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. But hey, someone, somewhere must be silly enough to do that, often enough, that they had to put it in bright prominent lettering on the container.

Well, let me tell you, today, that idiot was ME. I woke up tired. I figured a brisk walk would help me wake up more so I went in and put in my contacts, brushed my hair and put on some sweats. It felt like there was a speck in my left eye, so I went back in the bathroom, grabbed what I THOUGHT was the regular old style cleaner and proceeded to rinse and rub the lens and put it back in my eye.

My finger no sooner lost contact with the lens than I was nearly dropped to my knees, almost screaming. I was frantically fumbling for the water faucet, splashing huge quantities of water on my eyeball, trying to make the burning sensation go away. It took a solid 5 minutes before it had let up enough that I could open my eye without wanting to cry.

An hour later, it looked like this. On the right is my left eye... the one I tried to destroy.

And now, almost 5 (yes, FIVE) hours later, it is still REALLY sore. I am wearing my glasses today. Hopefully I won't make that mistake again...EVER!

So all I'm sayin' is don't be like me..... not like this anyway.

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  1. I have done it and I have done it so bad that I then could not even drive after.