Monday, October 11, 2010

Cheesy Crescent Dogs

For a long time, when I'd ask LD, "what do you want for lunch," the only response from him that I'd ever get was, "peanut butter and jelly." Let's face it, most kids have a pretty limited repertoire when it comes to things they'd choose to eat. And, as families have gotten busier, they've opted for easier and easier stuff. LD will eat nearly anything I put in front of him - as long as it's not spicy. I think this is because I've always made a point of putting different stuff out there so he can at least try it. But when it comes to what HE would choose to have?  Well, PB&J will likely always be at or near the top the list. Recently though, crescent dogs (with cheese of course) have started giving the good ole PB&J a run for it's money.

To make these, the way LD likes them, you'll need the following:

4 hot dogs
1 package crescent roll dough
1 slice of Colby-Jack cheese 1/4 inch thick and about 3 inches square

First, cut the hot dogs in half and then slice them lenghtwise about 3/4 of the way through, but not all the way.  I just realized, it'd probably be easier to slice them lengthwise first..... just a thought.

Next, cut a 1/4" thick slice off a block of cheese. This is a Kraft 2 lb block which just happens to be the PERFECT dimension for these tasty little numbers.

Now, cut the slice into 8 sticks.

Insert one sick into each of the 8 pieces of hot dog.

Roll up in one triangle of the crescent dough - start at the wide end, with the cheese up. This should pretty much ensure that when it's done being rolled up the cheese will still be on top.

Even the kids can help do this part!! Note to self, when photographing LD at close range remember to TURN OFF THE FLASH.... however, it really did emphasize his eyes here. And yes, that is the "Thing" costume from the Fantastic 4 movie....

Place on a cookie sheet (I cover mine in foil because I hate, HATE, washing cookie sheets) and place in a 375 degree oven for 11-13 minutes. I tend to opt for the longer time frame as it ensures that the roll dough is cooked thoroughly and nicely browned.

I find that up here (at 5000 feet elevation) things take a little longer to get completely done. I ended up having to cook these for 16 minutes to get them to the point where they're done enough for our liking..... and speaking of like - look at THAT cheese... LOVE the cheese!!

Serve up with fruit or your rug-rat's favorite veggie. Today, it was peas & carrots, Jenny!

Best of all, this is something even the young kiddos can get involved in. And... Maybe they'll enjoy them as much or more than PB&J. Today LD told me that he'd like them twice a day!

And, these work well as appetizers too - use gourmet "hot dogs" like the chicken apple ones or spicy cheddar brats... use fancy cheeses, like Havarti or Swiss or even Brie.... add all sorts of other stuff - peppers, olives, fresh herbs.... the only limit is your imagination!

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