Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Birthday Girl

Last Friday, my baby girl turned 13. We celebrated twice - once ON her birthday, and once the next day for her party. Friday night was Dale, LD and me, Beth, her friend Emily and Beth's grandparents:

Happy Birthday - the phrase has 13 letters.....No need for any other candles this time! A funny story about the cake. I was trying to find out what she wanted for her birthday dessert... I asked, "what about chocolate sheet cake?" And she replied "I don't like Chocolate Cheese." She does however, LOVE my Texas Sheet Cake... as in she'll sneak out in the middle of the night and eat it while everyone else is asleep.... as in she and Emily ate it at 4am on Saturday....

No birthday is complete without being chased for the honorary spanking! LD bears witness to his sister's plight.
 And "that's TWO!" Yep honey, that leaves 11 more to go.

 And, she survives.....

And then the discussion - who's taller....

On Saturday, the masses descended upon her grandparent's equine rescue, Home at Last Sanctuary. People lounged, enjoyed lasagna, snacks and of course cake!!

Beth and Emily made some crazy looking "bruises" on their skin with make up (you might have seen them in some of the pics above)... They also covered each other in colored marker tattoos....I'm not exactly sure WHY but hey.... she's 13.

She had a REALLY groovy cake, and the frosting turned everyone's tongues blue! The cake was a vanilla sponge with a strawberry cream filling and this beautifully designed icing.  Here's the chef unwrapping her masterpiece:
 Beth LOVED the cake!

I loved how the cake looked in the sunlight on the lacy tablecloth:

And of course... the blue tongue!

Even her great grandparents showed up - her great grandma just celebrated her 90th birthday!

While most everyone gathered inside, and LD played outside,

these fellas took a moment to enjoy a drink and some quiet.

Both days were really great - a time for Beth to reconnect with friends and family whom she has not seen in several months. Now, we're just looking forward to her visit next week for Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving will also likely be the time that Beth has to say good bye to Mac. Mac was about 3 months old when I found him, running along side the Skyway headed north between Paradise and Chico. Beth was 6 months old at the time. Mac has lived with Jim & Donna for the last several years - they've given him a happy, safe place, like so many of the other animals at the sanctuary, where he can live out the rest of his days. He now has cancer and is getting pretty lame. Of all the dogs at the sanctuary, Mac is the only one allowed in the house. He still does his best to be the guard dog.  I'm glad I got to see him one more time. You've been a wonderful dog, Mac.

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