Thursday, November 4, 2010

Extreme Home Makeover - Turtle Edition, part II

A while back I wrote about how Hector needed a new home. I changed him from sand and all dry to mostly water filled - you can read about it here. Since then, the little water pump died and we had to re-do his enclosure once again. Between then and today, it's looked like this:

Well, it appears that Hector has voiced his complaints to the THA (Turtle Housing Authority) often enough that he became their squeaky wheel. Today, I was threatened with a lawsuit and informed that I MUST create a better, and more importantly LARGER area for him to dwell in. After all, he doesn't get out much so he needed more room to stretch his legs.

I have to say, this is SO much better than what he was in before (a 10-gallon aquarium) and has probably increased the space in which he can crawl around by 500%.

I started by stealing an under-bed storage container from my daughter. Let's face it - the stuff in it needed to be unpacked anyway, she wasn't using it and hey, you don't mess with the THA.

I cut part of the lid out - the container is shallow enough that without the lid serving as a rim around the top, Hector could conceivably climb out, and it's a LONG drop to the floor from the top of the dresser. I left one end with more of the top remaining so that he'll have an area that allows him some privacy and gives him a place to hide, of sorts. Turtles are shy critters

I then placed fresh coconut bedding in the new tub, added his little pond back along with some rocks and put him back on the dresser with the light on.

Currently, he's enjoying a lunch of dandelion leaves and Gala apples, which he enjoys immensely!!

I hope that this keeps the THA off my back for a while.

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