Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Feast

It's taken me a couple of days to recover from the food hangover created by Thursday's Thanksgiving binge. However, everything turned out really great so of course I feel compelled to share.

Our menu consisted of:
  • Spiral Sliced Ham
  • Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Butter & Brown Sugar
  • Creamy Herbed Potatoes (PW)
  • Apple Pecan Dressing
  • Apple Cranberry Relish
  • Green Bean Casserole (modified PW)
  • Brussels Sprouts with Cream & Bacon
  • Gravy
  • Buttered Herb Rolls (modified PW)
  • Pumpkin Cream Pie (PW)
  • Dreamy Apple Pie (PW)
  • Lemon w/Lemon cream topping Pie
I'll be posting recipes & pictures for several days to come (aside from the ham & gravy as those are no-brainers)..... For now I'll leave you with the chaos that was my kitchen on Thursday evening.

Everyone enjoying the meal.

And... me slipping into a food coma along with my lap warmers.
Stay tuned this week for recipes and pics of all the yumminess!

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