Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wandering the Internet

C'mon... we've all done it. Try to tell me you haven't. What am I referring to? Well, that would be when you follow a link that you find moderately interesting. Maybe the picture catches your eye, or perhaps the post title is humorous, or the person who posted it says that you should check it out. What happens next is that suddenly you've spent an hour, or two or an entire afternoon jumping from link to link. Sometimes you realize this as you wake up from the fog that's sucked you in, and you think that you wish you hadn't done that. Other times though, you wish there were more time to keep going.

This morning has been one of the latter instances of this. I followed a link, and to be honest, I'm not sure how I even got there in the first place. Kind of like driving a route that you take every day... you leave the house and after the first few minutes you go into a sort of trance and suddenly you're at your destination? It's actually a form of hypnosis!! At any rate, this morning's journey took me to some really neat, and often humorous, places.

First stop was this Buddhist Temple. And all these years, my family has just been taking the beer bottles to the recycling center... I can't imagine the house they could have built by now!! A million bottles? That's child's play.

Next, I went to Scribol. This was really my undoing. From their home page, there are what appears to be three ways to get lost. First, the top menu then the two sides. I liked that I could pick what kind of stuff I wanted to look at by categories on the left side of the page or by popularity along the top. The right hand side was simply "More Articles." Though, I'm not sure I'd consider these really "articles" as that makes me think of jorunalism, and more importantly, newspapers and I just don't see this stuff as "real" news. However, I guess there's a niche for everything.

From Scribol, I found this painfully humorous little gem about package delivery. It made me smirk and reminded me of a recent delivery from that we dealt with.

Thanks to Scribol,  it just went all downhill.... I started opening links in new windows so I wouldn't lose their page because there was really just too much I wanted to see!! I can't really say where I stopped along the way, but I ended up in an abandoned amusement park in Berlin.

The most disturbing image was the one from the bottom left of  collage that's below, and I'll leave it with you because I think I may have nightmares if I hold on to it. Probably goes back to being chased by the geese at a local park when I was a little child - for anyone living in or around Paradise CA, this refers to the Aquatic Park off Buschman Rd.... back in the days of my youth it was basically a pond with dirt around it - no where near as nice as it is today... but, you could walk right down to the edge of the pond and the ducks & geese would come up to you for food. I just can't talk about it, but I will say I stopped wearing little dresses with flower appliques on them.

(Images by CxOxS so please don't assume they're mine or claim as your own - if you repost, please include the link to the page as I have above)

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