Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter and the crazy cat.

With the end of Daylight Savings time this weekend comes the anticipation of winter. We had a little wind and mostly clear skies on Saturday. We lost power for several hours, which was NOT expected. Sunday had us waking up to cloudy skies and rain all day. Wait, let me rephrase, we didn't have clouds, we had one thick sheet of gray up there, no break in sight. We even lost power again momentarily yesterday in the early evening.

This morning, I woke up sometime around 3am. Or at least that's what time it was when I finally checked a clock. Despite my best effort, I was unable to go back to sleep. By 4am I gave up. Thankfully, the internet had returned.

When we lose power, we also lose our internet - it's delivered by radio signal and a power outage means that our antennae, the relay we get our signal from, and the transmitter towers all can go down. Saturday's outage was HUGE - our internet provider said that the towers were down - one of the largest outages of their service in a LONG time. We were without internet all night and most of Sunday morning - they had to reboot the relay from which we pull our signal. Thankfully that wasn't the situation today and we are back up and running already.

What I DID notice was that the light trying to come through the drapes was brighter than it should be for 4am. Well folks, that's because it SNOWED last night. While it's not much snow - only a dusting that was already melting off, it's a few weeks earlier than the first snow of last year. While this is not a great shot you get the idea:

Frankly, I was in no mood at nearly 5am to stand outside in the cold and play around with a tripod to get a good flash free shot. So, point & shoot it was.

The other oddity of this morning was the cat. She has been obsessing over the dressers in our room since I got out of bed. She spent nearly 45 minutes glued to ONE spot - a gap of about 2 inches between two dressers. Despite breaking out the flashlight and getting down to her level I was unable to see anything but dust bunnies.

She's been pacing back & forth in front of one dresser, shoved her head between the wall and another one and in general making me wonder if we have ghost mice.

At one point I thought I HEARD something and she backed me up by dashing toward the sound. I even pulled the bottom drawers out of the dressers and still couldn't find anything. I mean, I know we have REAL LIVE mice - the evidence of them is all over the place - under the sink, in cupboards etc (thankfully NOT in the dresser drawers). But this one? I just hope whatever it is that she catches it soon... She's sort of creeping me out. Even the promise of kitty treats hasn't been able to distract her this morning.

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