Sunday, December 26, 2010

Birthday Boy!

When we "feared" that LD's birthday would fall close to Christmas we had no idea HOW close it would be. We also vowed that we'd NEVER do any of the following:

1. combine Christmas gifts with his birthday gifts
2. give him fewer of each than we would have had his birthday been in any other month
3. let his birthday slip into non-existence

We promised each other that we'd ALWAYS do the following:

Make sure his birthday was ALWAYS a separate event from Christmas - even if we were celebrating it the night before. In keeping with that, we don't put out any presents till after he goes to bed on Christmas Eve. If Santa can wait to put out his gifts, so can we.

This year was a small, low key affair - take & bake pizza, sheet cake and of course presents. And, after dinner, he opened presents.... BEFORE cake!

This next one put me away, "oooooh!!!!"  He'd been asking for this game for nearly 2 months!

The Tinker Toys were such a big hit (thank you Grandpa!!) that LD almost forgot to open the rest of his presents!

Planets to hang from the ceiling once his room is finished - he wanted to put them up NOW!

LD  picked the decorations for his cake - plain & simple, white icing letters and stars, and a #6 candle (instead of 6 individual ones).  The best part was that he sang Happy Birthday to himself along with the rest of us!
 Cutting his cake:

So Happy Birthday to our little man!

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