Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fish Stick Tacos.

Ok, before you gag and run for the hills, let me say for the record that these were actually quite tasty. They say, necessity is the mother of invention.... Well, there were fish sticks in the freezer that NEEDED to be eaten. But, I didn't want just regular plain fish sticks. I wanted something different.

I started by getting all the extras ready - shredded lettuce, diced tomato, grated cheese, sour cream and La Victoria mild green sauce (I love that stuff!).

Then, I put the fish sticks in the oven - figure about 3 for each taco. Toward the end of the baking period (follow the directions on the package), cook your tortillas so everything is ready at the same time. I like corn tortillas fried briefly in oil.

When the fish sticks are done, remove them to a cutting board and cut on the diagonal:

Assemble your tacos as you like... LD wanted just cheese, fish, lettuce and tomato:

I however, wanted the green sauce and sour cream too. LOTS of the green sauce.

I will make them again, but I'll use either fish filets (which have more meat and less breading) or unbreaded fish... or better yet, fresh fish!! If you make them, I recommend really loading them up with hot sauce or salsa. The breading on the fish sticks has a nice flavor but the hot sauce really gives it just that extra kick.

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