Monday, October 10, 2011

Whew! Glad that week is over!

The last week has been a busy and stressful one. We started on 9/30 with a rushed trip to pick up my grandma in an attempt to get her back here before my uncle Doc passed away. Unfortunately, since we all decided sleep was sort of important, we missed by a couple of hours.

Then  came our "stumble" upon a rental house in Chico that would work great for us. We signed the lease on Friday. So, long story short, we'll be moving in on the 14th!

Yes folks, the day I never thought would happen, has happened. I've given up rural life (not entirely without some kicking and screaming) to come back to Chico "for good"... or at least until my dad reaches the point where he can no longer take care of himself. We're all hoping that's many years off.

Halloween is coming and then begins the crazy holiday season. We're looking forward to having family & friends over to the new place. And of course... the man cave. Yes, a literal cave under the house. Ok, so it's technically a dirt floor basement, but Dale is thrilled and frankly, so am I. I don't care that the location of the entry to it totally throws off the layout of the kitchen work triangle.

Every guy needs a man-space, just as every woman needs to have her home be a home, not a catch all for her hubby's toys. No offense guys, but let's face it, your stuff can overwhelm a house is a short period of time. To any woman who thinks her husband or significant other doesn't need this, I'm sorry, but you really should try it. In fact, we all need a space that is just our own. I don't disagree that many women have their home overrun with their stuff too! Heck, I wish the house we'd found had 4 bedrooms so I could have a room dedicated to crafts and sewing. But... I'll settle for Dale having his own space at this point!

Now for the bad news - once we move our only internet will be by way of our phones, or if we bring our laptop to my mom's or another location where there's wifi access. I guess I better figure out how to blog from my phone huh?

Counting down to the "big move".....

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