Thursday, June 28, 2012

Over the river and through the woods.....

To Grandmother's house we go.... or went.... or... whatever!

On Tuesday morning, Beth, LD and I got up early and headed for Fort Bragg. We spent Tuesday at 10  Mile Beach, MacKerricher Park and then had dinner with my grandma. We stayed the night with her and the next day we spent split between Glass Beach and Pudding Creek. We had yummy clam chowder at Silvers at the Wharf and on Wednesday we enjoyed Jenny's Giant Burgers.

We hand fed squirrels at MacKerricher, found some cool glass at Glass Beach and enjoyed the ocean with nearly perfect weather the whole time we were there - no fog at all! We found krill in a tide pool way up on top of a large rock; countless crabs, including teeny hermit crabs; starfish, anemones and sea urchins, and lots of little fishes. Beth found the most amazing pieces of glass I've ever seen in all my trips to Glass Beach - and she had to stick her arm way down in a very deep tide pool to get them. It took quite a while for her to work up the nerve to do it, but once she did she was rewarded with multi-colored glass, and even one piece that was purple and another that was iridescent. The irony of it all is that she said she was going to find a piece of purple glass, and she did!

Our only complaint was that we couldn't stay longer.

My best memory of the whole trip was of how well Beth & LD get along and work together. The trip could only have been more perfect if Dale had been there with us.

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