Monday, April 12, 2010

Gravity, it's a love/hate thing.

Gravity is good. It keeps our feet on the ground. It keeps the food on your plate (such as all the yummy stuff we ate today). For the most part, I really like gravity. However, there are a couple of reasons I dislike gravity: 1. it plays havoc with certain parts of my body and 2. it has a way of sabotaging hard work.

For example, Dad just got done topping the short ends of the wood pile. You have to do this if you want a wood pile without posts sunk in the ground, you need to come up with something else. Here is what it looked like a few days ago:

See there, mid way up on the left? Those cinder blocks? They form the end of the short side of the pile and keep the long rows from falling down. Now, after Dad put more wood on top of those end rows, well the weight got together with gravity and they showed us that they have all the power:

Here, you can see me working in the toss & stack method. You take logs from the pile on the right and toss them toward the stack on the left. Then, you walk over & stack all the wood you just tossed. This is after I've tossed about 30 pieces of wood and have moved on to stacking them - this is the 5th row of wood we've stacked. I kept tossin' & stackin' after gravity proved it was boss.... Gravity SUCKS....

After a couple hours of "toss & stack" this is how I look, Frazzled. I DID have a bun, but after a couple hours it turns into this hideous defunct pony tail. And I'm hot, and tired.... and I need a shower!

And yes, my shirt says, "STAY BACK! I'm allergic to STUPID."

After I showered, I took PW's surprise up to the post office & mailed it. I sure hope she likes it!

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