Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring..... I think I heard you!

Remember on Wednesday, there was snow?

Thursday we had a mix of mostly rain and some snow.... The sky was heavy and swolen.

As I went outside during one of the few breaks in the rain Thursday morning I heard a noise that I hadn't heard in many months: Cattle!

When the cattle arrive it means that spring is nearly here!!! Now, the field directly behind us is not yet filled with cattle, but the pasture behind it is.... that's just one field away from it really being spring as far as I'm concerned.

This morning, the dark clouds and drizzles were clearing out. The sky was slowly opening up, starting in the south and the wall of fog and darkness was moving to the northeast. Here you can just see the blue peeking through at the top of the photo.

There was frost on the grass.... and when I walked out, it crunched under my feet.

 From the east, the sun was shining with a vengeance, almost as if it was trying to make up for the last two days worth of dreariness. 

Where ever the sun started warming things, steam rose...

For now, I cautiously say, "Hello Spring!!! How I've missed you! Don't be shy, you are loved."


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