Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring snow and a day in the life of LD.

Mother Nature is fickle. She also likes to prove that she's in control. Today she showed us that dreaming of Spring was a waste of time. At 7am we had a nice dusting of snow.

I had to ask where Spring was.

Sometimes, as a mom, you have a certain ability to see things before they happen. You learn to anticipate your child's wants and needs before they tell you anything. Today was one of those days.... I asked, "what shall we have for lunch?" (If that kid says PB&J one more time I'm gonna scream!!!) And what did he say? "I think peanut butter and jelly." Of course...

Well, I was not about to make PB&J for the 3rd day in a row. I wanted to see him eat something else. Something NOT PB&J. The repertoire of a 5 year old can be limited. They often request the same foods over & over & over until the very sight of it makes you want to run for the hills. As I stood there staring at him I realized there was something he enjoyed that he had NOT asked for recently.... Dinosaur Chicken. If you aren't familiar with these, and if you have children, you should become very acquainted with them. Oh heck, even if you don't have kids, you can cut these up and put them on a salad!

I pulled a mommy power play. I said, "hmmmm are you SURE you want peanut butter and jelly? Or..... would you rather have....... DINOSAUR CHICKEN!?" I whipped the bag out of the freezer and his eyes lit up. "With lots of ketchup! And cold peas" he says enthusiastically. Cold peas means FROZEN, and they're always eaten first! Another thing 5 year old boys love is ketchup.... on nearly everything.  The other good thing about Dinosaur Chicken is that they're good for practicing counting... Today he wanted FIVE "like this many" he says, holding up 5 fingers. So we counted out 5 Dinos and all was right with the world.

I couldn't get the picture before he'd eaten all the cold peas...... 

After lunch we watched the Hulk.... and LD of course, had to take off his shirt and play hulk.... Mid way through the growling and jumping and Hulk Smashing he decided he wanted popcorn. And, he had to wait right near until it was done. This is the LD Hulk making sure no one gets their mits on HIS popcorn.

After the de-Hulking was complete, and dinner was eaten, and his bath taken, LD hit his late night energy rush. Tonight, that consisted of jumping off of our bed. For those of you with normal height beds this wouldn't be an issue. Our bed however, sits a good 3 feet off the ground. Jumping off the bed is on the list of no-no's, and for good reason, which he learned tonight. As he jumped off the bed he lurched forward and fell, hitting his chin. As anyone who's fallen like this knows, this often results in a painfully bitten tongue.

Once we got the bleeding stopped, and there was quite a bit of blood, we both agreed that some ice cream was in order.

Each bite of ice cream made his tongue feel a little better. I think it even looked better. Here's a close up... it's still painful to look at... OUCH!!!

He then acknowledged that mom is right and jumping on the bed is not a good idea.... Obviously, the 10 Little Monkeys book did not sink in until we had real life experience!

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