Sunday, May 2, 2010

The alien haircut consipiracy.

We have crazy plants around here... And crazy delicious food... And LD has his father's crazy curly hair.

While it's not quite as tightly curled as Big D's, it still has a tendency to get out of control quickly. Poor kid didn't have a chance - my hair has a fair amount of natural curl as well. Top that off with both Dale & I having thick hair and it's a recipe for disaster.

Last week I posted a picture of LD's head - and it looked freakishly alien like. Maybe it was the camera angle. Maybe it was ...... aliens!!! To rule out the camera angle being an issue, I took this picture a couple days later - he's wearing a "bucket" style hat and most of the "bucket" is filled up with his head:

Today, I took this picture:

Maybe it's the hair..... maybe not....It was nice and sunny and I'm starting to wonder if he's part vampire or something because getting him to keep his head up for a picture is tough. He's always freaking out over the "SUN in my EYES!!!!"

I decided the only way to be certain was to give him a haircut - he was overdue anyway. After the haircut, he took a shower, and now he looks like this:

I don't know about you but it still looks rather largish, don't you think? Particularly in the top half....

When kids are little, they go to the pediatrician often. Each visit consists of basic health assessments, such as height, weight, head circumference etc. The child is then compared by way of a percentile to other children of the same age. If the child is in the 20th percentile, then 20% of children are larger in that particular measurement. LD was consistently in the 80th percentile for height and weight, but in the FIFTH percentile for the circumference of his head!! It appears that the aliens got to him early!!! But I'm not going to go ranting about a conspiracy... for now..... I'll just blame his huge head on him having lots of brains.

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