Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Got Wood?

As I watched the sun set yesterday, I was worried that we would end up with a little more rain today - putting an end to any chance I had of finishing stacking the wood.

However, this morning was nearly crystal clear. We've been working on getting this wood stacked since it arrived at the end of October. If you recall - this is what it looked like - two semi trailer loads of 10 cords each:

These "rows" of dumped wood were LONG, and at their highest point were taller than I am. We began stacking right away, but the first snowfall in November put a stop to that. We'd stack here & there whenever the snow would melt off. Today I went out. I was on a mission. I was going to FINISH it today. And I did.

All of the wood that CAN be stacked HAS been stacked. But wait you say, what are those PILES of wood left all over the place? Oh my friends, those are the rounds that won't fit through the door of our woodstove - meaning they're more than 10" in diameter. Some of these are really heavy. So I will leave them for Dale to move to the far end - WAAAAAY down there by that white chair? See that? In all we probably have another 2 cords just in these large rounds - all told, we should have a solid 20 cords.

WHEW!!!! That's a lota wood!

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