Friday, June 18, 2010


There's just something about babies... their skin is so soft, and they smell so good!!! Today, dad's friend Sam came to visit with some of his family. However, it was Shelby, the bringer of the soft and smell good baby things mentioned above, that stole the show:

The BEST part? I got to snuggle and hold a 3-month old baby, take in her wonderful soft skin, and her wonderful baby smell. Even better than that? After a few hours, baby went home... it was just the baby fix I needed. And no, no urges to have any more babies here! Thank you Heather & Eddie for letting me snuggle your little girl, she's terminally cute!!

We ALSO have some native babies!! The mud swallows have finally hatched - there are FOUR of the little suckers in this little nest - and they were chirping up a storm first thing this morning.

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