Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

Summer is a time for ice cream, sprinklers and so many other fun things.

Yesterday, we had a great Father's Day breakfast (chicken fried steak, country potatoes, eggs, sausage gravy and fresh OJ).

Today, because Beth leaves Friday, I opted to do the kid's yearly pictures before I completely forgot about it. Funny thing in this shot, I did NOT tell them to have this expression on their face - I told them to look like they would if Dad were going to come up, and this is what they did.

Beth says it's in anticipation of "Horrible Fun." I'm not sure exactly what that means. So, I asked her... and she is not quite sure either, but confirmed that it's most definitely a very good thing.

After that, I gave LD a haircut - he'd been asking to have it "like this" (as he rubbed his forehead), which meant shaved like Daddy's. Once his haircut was over, I filled a bunch of balloons with water for them. Now, we learned a very valuable thing today - regular balloons are NOT water balloons.  But, in our little town, you get lucky that the gas station up the road has balloons of any kind.

Because they start out larger, they take MUCH more water to fill to the point where they burst easily. Unfortunately, this also means they're VERY heavy when filled completely, so heavy that LD couldn't lift them.... As a result I could only fill them about 1/4 full -  which means you have to find a place with a rather rough ground and basically break them against the ground hoping to catch the other person with the splash.

Otherwise, they do this - look carefully at the back of LD's shirt - Beth says there's an angry face just above the balloon, which by the way, did NOT break upon hitting him, nor did it break when it hit the ground:

And, you also find other "creative" ways to get wet with these abnormal water balloons....

Don't let the balloon fool you, this girl is ruthless!

This was hilarious - after the splash was over, there was water coming out her nose!

After the water balloons were all popped and the mess cleaned up, the kids decided they wanted to play in the sprinkler for a while:

Does this kid have a HUGE head or what? I know we've been over this before but HOLY COW from THIS angle??

Good grief this girl has LONG appendages!!!

This is what we've begun calling Tubby Tank... look at the cute little piggy!!! He's a bit OCD when it comes to water being sprayed or splashed. He has destroyed more than one child's wading pool... and he was throwing quite a fit when they were doing the water balloons earlier.

This is "Soggy Bottom Beth" who's skirt became so heavy with water that jumping on the little trampoline caused it to, well, leave the premises:

And finally, because every kid, at one point or another, has a picture from their childhood, in their underwear after playing in the sprinkler in the yard..... This was one shot of many where he was doing a little dance....I'm both enormously amused and more than a little disturbed by this image:

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as much as we are!

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