Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The evil crackers

Ok, so this should probably be over on the food page, but what the heck, I already did a food blog today, and I'm already started here so that's that. I also did a garden blog today - here it is.

Yesterday, I wanted something yummy to snack on. Now, it wasn't HOT hot like down in the valley, but it was still a nice warm summer day. So, LD and I grazed on a bowl of red & green grapes

Some slices of cheddar cheese

and these EVIL multi-grain crackers.

Don't let the box fool you:

These are NOT good for you... they just can't be... they taste WAY too good. I think it's the sesame seeds... Yum..... Now, excuse me while I go finish off the tray I opened yesterday!

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