Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blocks for big kids.

See that wall of blocks that's not there anymore?

Dad had them piled up this high - on the right of the door you can see the blocks 7 tall.

But, since we'll be fencing the whole property... eventually.....we're going to reduce the height of the patio wall to only 3 blocks.... but first they all have to be moved so the concrete can be cleaned off, the edges found etc... So, yesterday I moved all the blocks that WERE here into one big stack - I did a rough count after I stacked and figured there were about 150 of them.

Next though, is the delivery of a semi trailer - which will serve dual purpose. It'll be a cost-effective storage building and a privacy shield of sorts. Since we live right on highway 49, there's traffic always going by and large vehicles constantly park out front. Everything from HUGE motorhomes to semis to cattle trucks.... and believe me, a semi trailer is a WAY better view than a cattle truck, particularly a FULL cattle truck. Once the trailer is in, the fence will go between it and the road and then I'm hoping to plant lilacs between the trailer and the fence. Or at least that's my plan for now.

But, life is what happens when you make plans, so we'll see what REALLY happens.

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