Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Independence Day Fun

Every year, my dear friend Sonia & her hubby Noel throw a 4th of July party. We've been going for the last few years and it never fails to be a great time! This year, LD and I drove down on the Wednesday before to help with some of the party stuff... and to visit and swim for a few days - it is summer after all!!

LD spent quite a bit of time with this thing:

I helped Sonia make centerpieces. Frankie & Alex worked on the scavenger hunt lists.This is just some of what it takes to create a great party. 

Ahhhh glitter... the herpes of the craft world. This particular comment generated a running joke for the rest of the weekend about "who's peas you got?" Which was almost always followed shortly by "Shut up Dale." I'll spare you the details.....

There was too much good food - we had ribs & smoked salmon and Sonia & Noel have also incorporated our hillbilly BBQ into their parties now (which meant chickens for days!).....

There was chili, chinese chicken salad, a spinach & fruit salad, fruit for days, spinach & artichoke dips, loaded potato salad and so much more that I can't recall it all.

This was MY plate of Yum:

I made a cheesecake and my texas sheet cake and there was also an angel food cake shortcake.... somehow we missed pics of the desserts....

Poor Dustin... he made the mistake of taunting Dale about how "no way" could Dale shave Dustin's head. Here's what he looked like BEFORE he made this mistake. Sorry Dustin, had I known what was going to happen, I truly would have tried to get a more flattering "before" shot.

The taunting lasted well, only a couple minutes before THIS happened....

He struggled for a bit, but then resigned himself to the haircut. And actually got a laugh out of it. Dale threatened to leave it like this if he didn't cooperate.

And then he just got bored waiting for it all to be over.

At least he had a couple of hats to choose from.

Good friends is just one of many of the joys of the 4th - kids, adults and teeners alike gathered for fun.

Um... Don't ask....

Caryn shared her hair with LD

There were the usual kids in the pool....There are ALWAYS several rounds of keep away between the kids and Dale...

Eventually all the kids get thrown around by "Uncle Dale." And they all scream for him to stop and not throw them but all the while begging to be the next "victim." At least he had some help this year!

Then, there were the water balloons.

Some taken to the extreme (in more ways than one)....I think this one weighed almost as much as Dustin!

Oh... um... again, don't ask.

Poor LD nearly got obliterated by one!

That's the spirit LD!

Sonia and Trin hoopin' it up

Sonia the "pin-up momma"

I tried my hand at some nail art to match her new swim suit

And of course, because it wouldn't be the 4th without it, there were the party poppers and other fun stuff for the kiddos.

When it starts to get dark.... interesting things happen when you forget to adjust focus & exposure.

Post popper decorations

And finally, a 4th of July party would not be complete without Dale tormenting the teeners in the pool.

Thank you Sonia & Noel for hosting, another year in a row, and for opening up your home so we could remember how hot summer gets!

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