Monday, July 26, 2010

Sonia - this one is for you!!!

Today, after I watered my plants and found that the sunflowers were blooming, I went across the street and took a few pictures of the "historic" Globe Hotel. This place is HUGE. For anyone interested in staying there, I included a picture of the sign with the contact phone number. The Hotel has a common living room area, dining area and HUGE kitchen.... Oh man I would love to have their kitchen. It's two stories, and the bedrooms, from what I can tell, are all upstairs. It has a nice staircase with some cool artwork in the stairwell. The bathrooms are all "common" and two of the upstairs ones have two waterclosets each. I think there are three upstairs and 1 downstairs bathrooms. I didn't count the bedrooms but there are, well, a lot!

Here's the photo tour of the common areas and some of the bathrooms - as much as I could get. Sonia - just for you, cause I know how much you just LOVE velvet couches.... LOL!!!

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