Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweeping Reform

Nope, not what you think. I try to stay away from politics. But, as with much of our language, I like phrases that could have a double meaning! Just like my discussion of immigration here.

What I'm talking about here is how often the floors are swept in our home. Mundane at best, I know... But, I gave the floors a very thorough cleaning last weekend. The amount of DOG HAIR alone was enough to stuff a pillow and that was only after going a week in between sweeping. I'm not talking about the stuff that you see and pick up regularly, I'm talking about the dust bunnies that hide under furniture etc.

I decided I'd try an experiment this week - I would sweep every other day.... The first round through got me this nice pile, from just ONE room.

A nice 6" wide pile of dog (and cat) fur, sand, small rocks, a few pieces of dog kibble, a fox tail and lots of, I'll say it again, our sandy soil. And, it was the same in the other two rooms as well. That settled it... sweeping timeframes had to be reformed to every other day!

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