Sunday, August 22, 2010

hey - what's that? What? That - over there!

This evening, LD was having a discussion with the cows via his "moo-gaphone."

The calves are particularly cute right now....

During said discussion, I noticed that there were more and more of them becoming extremely interested in the fence at the back of our neighbor's place.

So, I went over to the fence between our yards and tried to figure out what was so darn interesting.

Could it be the ball?

Nope....What about the sprinkler?

No, not that either! But....Wait a second... THAT.... down there.....

On the left....What the heck is THAT??? Looks a little like a teeny tiny cow? But, I've never seen a tiny cow before! Nor have I seen a cow wearing a harness like that....

Ahhhhh.... that would be Chugs. 

And, Chugs thinks he's pretty much all that and a bag of chips....

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