Friday, September 10, 2010

11 things

1. It's Friday.... Dale is coming up for the weekend.

2. I mopped the floors today. I really, really LOVE freshly mopped floors. Unfortunately, that "freshness" doesn't last even 24 hours.

3. I think Fall is really coming.... found the first yellow leaves of the season

4. I gave myself a mani/pedi today.... and amazingly the polish is still looking great!! And it's been over 5 hours!

6. Today was absolutely a perfect Fall day. Clear sky, perfect temps, just beautiful

7. Camper is still in time out for peeing on LD's toybox. I'm curious to see how long Dad can keep this up.

8. The grass is coming in nicely now that I actually watered it LOL. Couldn't really water it before the last few weeks since we had so many things going on that would have destroyed it.

9. I found this cute little guy when I was moving blocks earlier this week. I hope as the yard starts becoming greener that I start seeing more of them. I love frogs!

10. We start homeschooling on Monday. We're excited, I'm anxious.

11. After Halloween I'm going to get my hair cut again, much to Dale's dismay. I really think I want to do something like the style in the pic below. Juliette Binoche in the movie Chocolat from 2000.

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