Sunday, September 12, 2010

Construction Zone

There's never a shortage of work around here. Tomorrow, we add even more to the list of to-do's.....

Yesterday however, we worked on what will be the place for our sump pump - this will keep the patio from becoming flooded when it rains and when snow melts. It's particularly important because the lower part of the house, where the bedrooms will be, has a floor right at ground level. And every winter, a little water manages to come in around the door.

And that's not even counting our "once every 10 years" flash flood that "could" happen. That's why the wall is going up in the first place - to keep the house from being flooded IF we get a flood again. That's assuming our idea works out.... There's a lot of learn as you go along happening around here.

At any rate, leave it to Dale to provide some comic relief. At least he had the right color shirt for doing construction work ;-)

Awe.... c'mon honey, tell me how you REALLY feel about having your picture taken....

LOL.... ok, I guess I asked for that huh?


  1. lol his first look is more like.. where the fuck is my samich.. ;)

  2. hey...don't get on facebook much these days so i thought i would come here and say "hi" :)
    i think facebook maybe losing it's shine for me :o
    hope all is well and what is the dude standing in the barrel for???lol