Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Putting the Labor in Labor Day

Over the Labor Day weekend, we did pretty much what we do every day. Work. Work. Work. Right now, the project in the works is the wall around the patio. Previously, I'd torn it down - click here to see that step of the project. On Friday I started moving the blocks that I'd stacked up before and separating them - the most "perfect" blocks would become the first three rows of the new patio wall. The rest would be divided up into two different types. Secondary blocks would be rows 4 and up and then there are the "junk blocks." These junk blocks have large chips and are not suitable for the patio wall. They are however, good for the garden which will be a project for next spring.

Here's what I worked on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and even on Labor Day. Boy, will I be glad when the patio wall is all done!!

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