Tuesday, December 21, 2010

100 things

I've seen many other bloggers do this so I figured it was appropriate.... For the 100th post (of the main page), here are 100 things about me, in no particular order. Oh wait, apparently #1 on the list should be that I can't count because apparently this is post 101..... So, I have changed it to 101 facts..... 

  1. I am an only child. 
  2. I have two fabulous children. But, if I'd had my son first, I would have had only one child.
  3. My son is "challenging" but has also given me a better appreciation for strong-willed, energetic people
  4. I love frogs - not cartoon like frogs, but REAL frogs. 
  5. I've had frogs & toads as pets. 
  6. I like cats better than dogs. 
  7. I hate.....no make that I LOATHE beans (except green beans). I can't even handle it when a restaurant uses refried beans to stick a tostada shell to the plate. 
  8. I LOVE Mexican food... given #5 above I know that doesn't make a lot of sense.....
  9. I love reading - mostly sci-fi/fantasy, I also really enjoy Dean Koontz... even though some of his books scare the bejezus out of me.
  10. I didn't like reading, even a little, until I was in 7th grade and discovered Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars series of books. 
  11. I'm a stay at home mom
  12. I am homeschooling my son - using the "unschooling" method. 
  13. Between Dale and me we have 5 children. One shy of a modern day Brady Bunch
  14. We have NO plans to make it 6 children.
  15. I don't even get "urges" to become pregnant anymore -  even when I hold the most adorable babies. 
  16. I have a really hard time finding clothes that fit me - I'm short and, well, big chested. If I were 5'8" I'd have no problem. 
  17. While I didn't go on to get my permit, I've taken (and passed) a concealed weapons permit course. 
  18. I have found only ONE semi-auto handgun that does NOT eject hot brass down my shirt when I shoot it. Hot brass does NOT feel good when it does down your shirt!.
  19. The first hand gun I ever shot was a Smith & Wesson 357 with Magnum rounds
  20. I've taken a SCUBA course twice. In both instances I had panic attacks  - first time was during the certification, second time was during a pool session. The only common factor is that I was wearing the wetsuit hood at the time. It looks like the only way I can get certified is if I take the certification in warm water where I don't have to wear the hood.
  21. My left leg is slightly shorter than my right leg.
  22. I do NOT like playing sports. I don't like competing (maybe because one leg is shorter than the other?)
  23. The only "sport" I've ever somewhat enjoyed was bowling - but probably because it was something I could to do with Dale and very likely because it didn't feel very competitive.
  24. I never even wanted to join Girl Scouts or Brownies as a little girl.
  25. I also didn't want to do dance or anything else..... 
  26. Ok I lied - I loved gymnastics!!
  27. I love taking pictures
  28. I have a knack for writing letters that insult people without them knowing it.
  29. I'm really perceptive - either that or many of the people I have dealt with are just really easy to read. 
  30. I have a "corrective lenses" restriction on my driver's license.
  31. I nearly always wear sunglasses when I go outside - an optometrist told me I find even cloudy or foggy days very bright because my eyes are light colored.
  32. I make jewelry as a hobby.
  33. I love to sew, even though I haven't been able to in a few years. 
  34. I taught myself how to french braid hair, on my own hair, in 7th grade. 
  35. It is easier for me to french braid my own hair than someone elses
  36. When I was a sophomore in high school I got my first perm.... one of my step dad's friends started calling me "Fluffy" as a result. Enough said.
  37. I sleep mostly on my left side or on my stomach. 
  38. It takes 2 to 3 firm pillows to keep me from sleeping on my stomach.... even that doesn't always work.
  39. My chiropractor once told me that he was going to duct tape a tennis ball to my stomach if I didn't stop sleeping on it.
  40. A masseuse once told me that I didn't have tight rubber bands in my muscles, I had steel plates.
  41. My wisdom teeth were removed after I turned 18
  42. I still have my tonsils
  43. I've never broken a "common" bone - leg or arm etc.
  44. I however, severely break my tail bone when I was about 10 - sledding. Instead of curving down and frontwards, it sticks out backwards..... and yes, I've heard all kinds of "tail" comments. It creates a funny lump just above my rear.
  45. I don't have much of a rear, so the funny broken tail bone lump is pretty noticeable.
  46. I broke a rib when I was pregnant with my son - I miscalculated jumping down from a rock at the ocean as the tide was coming in, fell and landed on my side, then I got soaked by the incoming waves. My son then decided to kick & push on it regularly for the next 5 months.
  47. I don't like talking on the phone. 
  48. When I was a little girl, my grandpa got me to eat peas by serving them with a cream sauce and calling them Peas from Mars. Beth doesn't like peas, but she does like Peas from Mars. 
  49. I love tomatoes
  50. My favorite restaurant salad is Sierra Nevada's "Sierra Nevada Salad".... add a grilled chicken breast and it's a whole meal
  51. One of my favorite "snacks" is Nutella on graham crackers with banana.
  52. I love STEAK... just make sure it's still red in the middle, but not mooing at me. 
  53. My favorite breakfast is steak, breakfast potatoes & scrambled eggs... and frankly, I can eat it without the eggs.
  54. I don't drink coffee.
  55. I married someone who doesn't drink coffee either..... we don't own a coffee maker.
  56. I've never smoked a cigarette, though I've gotten plenty of second hand smoke.
  57. My breakfast drink of choice would be fresh squeezed OJ.
  58. Favorite grilled cheese sandwich - Gala apples, bacon and havarti cheese
  59. I like to garden, even though I haven't had much success
  60. I own a REAL fur - my grandma's blond mink stole. If I had a place to wear it I would... not much need for it in this town though...
  61. My favorite ice cream is peppermint (candy cane).
  62. I have two tattoos and would like more. 
  63. I recently taught myself how to crochet....Send Yarn..... Please?
  64. Someday I'd like to have a HUGE aquarium
  65. Two & a Half Men cracks me up
  66. My favorite color is green, my favorite shade of green is an avocado green... an "earthy" green. 
  67. My favorite combination of colors is green, brown and pink. 
  68. If my son had been a girl we'd have named her Danica Rose.
  69. My daughter's name is her grandmother's middle names - Elizabeth Lee
  70. My husband's middle name is my dad's first name, my middle name is his mom's first name.
  71. I went to the same high school that my husband did when I was a junior - but we didn't know each other then. 
  72. We joke that if we'd met then our lives would have had MUCH less drama. 
  73. I like my hair short.... I don't like having to get it cut every 6-8 weeks to keep it short
  74. I will probably grow my hair out long again... see #73.
  75. I can raise one eyebrow.
  76. I can flare my nostrils
  77. I can roll my eyes, one at a time, starting from a cross eyed "position," in opposite directions. 
  78. I can hang a spoon from my nose
  79. I am (almost obsessively) organized, and Dale jokes that I make lists of my lists.
  80. I am learning to not be so organized (IE I am learning to relax)
  81. I am a planner. 
  82. Clutter, even in small amounts, makes me physically uncomfortable. 
  83. I don't like crowded places. I've started leaving grocery stores (etc) without things I need just because I can't stand being in them with so many other people
  84. I live in a VERY small town. 
  85. My grandparents bought the property here right before I turned 5. I moved back, right before my son turned 5
  86. I spent 4th grade and 6th grade here. 
  87. I don't like Papaya, unless it's candied.
  88. I don't like Mango at all.
  89. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate candy.
  90. I have no "known" allergies... but I think I might be a little allergic to chocolate - I often get a headache almost immediately after eating certain chocolate foods.
  91. I do NOT like rides that go upside down or have steep downward descents - roller coasters etc. 
  92. In college, I drove VW's. I had three Beetles - a 1969,  a 1965 and a 1960 ragtop. I really wish I'd kept the 1960...
  93. I know how to change out a VW motor as well as several other minor "fixes" that are common with VW's
  94. I know how to DRIVE a VW correctly..... yes, there is a right and wrong way. If you learn how to correctly drive a VW, you can drive ANYTHING. Everyone should learn to drive a manual transmission by driving an OLD VW.
  95. I was married to Beth's dad almost exactly as long as my parents were married. 
  96. I love to cook for other people, but I wouldn't want to cook professionally.
  97. I'm a morning person.
  98. I can stand on my head.
  99. I can pick things up with my toes
  100. Last night I got to see a total lunar eclipse with LD. It was the first one on this date in over 300 years. 
  101. I have only recently overcome a paralyzing, make my skin crawl, run to the other room, phobia of ants. You know those old films where the woman would jump up on a chair screaming when she sees a mouse? Well it was VERY similar to that.... picture me, doing the heeby-jeeby dance, demanding someone else, KILL and remove ALL EVIDENCE of the ants, while I go frantically brush off imaginary ants in another room..... 
I vow that tomorrow's post will have pictures, and they won't be pictures of ants.

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