Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hats & Stuff.

For Christmas, LD, Dale and Dad, as well as Beth (and even me!!) are all getting something crocheted... big shock huh? Dale is getting a scarf & hat, and LD is getting a scarf & a hat that sort of matches his daddy's, and Dad is getting a hat. I've shared pictures of the scarves, but here is my favorite model (LD of course) showing off the new hats.

For LD, I wanted to make something that would not only keep his head AND ears warm, but that we could tie on if needed:

For Dad, who's always trying to pull his hats down to cover his ears, not to mention the back of his neck, I made what I'm calling a "neck flap" hat. Everyone makes ear flap hats... it sort of reminds me of the "painter's caps" but more appropriate for winter time use:

He was much less enthusiastic about modeling Grandpa's hat because I interrupted his play time....

Dale's hat is like a beanie with a cuff around it:

And then there's a hat for Beth - to which LD said, "but.... that's a GIRL's hat!!" By the way, these are NOT her Christmas presents....

As well as a headband:

And my "Mushroom" hat:

Now that I've got the basics down I think I have a better clue of what I'm doing.... but I'm still mainly winging it!!

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