Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meet Mavis!

Dale has mentioned lately that he'd like "someone" (of the 4 legged persuasion) to hang out with him at his place in Chico. You know, just someone who will lounge around with him after work. Because he works during the day and is up here every other weekend, a dog wouldn't exactly work. Our cat is nuts and doesn't adjust well to change. So.... Let me introduce...... Mavis!

Miss Mavis is around 3 years old and her previous owner had listed her on Craigslist - saying that they didn't have enough time for her. They called her "kitty" and when we got her home (to Dale's) we immediately agreed that she needed a name that was more than just "kitty." Dale wanted something "old fashioned" sounding...  so he decided on Mavis. We were told that she preferred men over women... but she spent equal amounts of time with both Dale and me.

Here she is sitting on my lap. She shows her appreciation for lots of rubbing by purring and digging her claws into your lap!

This is the "why did you stop petting me?" look....

She was not particularly fond of having her picture taken this weekend... maybe she'll be a little less camera shy the next time I am down there.... I hope so because she's got THE cutest little round pudgy face!!!

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