Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When I was young....

I could sleep.... Oh how I could sleep. Especially when I was a teen-ager. Sleep till 2 in the afternoon, sometimes later. Sure, I stayed up later, but still, 12+ hours of sleep in a given period of time?

This morning, I woke up sometime around 5am. Not that "the" time of day really matters anymore. The only times that are important are - meal time because I'm hungry, bed time because I'm tired, or ..... nope that's about it. Sure, time is important, as in if I need to go to the post office I have to make sure I'm going during business hours or the package that I know is up there will forever be trapped in that void between shipment and delivery. When I go grocery shopping, I pay attention to the time because certain times of day are better than others to avoid the crowds.

At any rate..... I've been up for a couple of hours now. Dad has been up as well. We had a "lively" (translation NOISY) discussion this morning. And of course... LD slept right through it. It made me wonder.

Why could I sleep like that as a kid and now I can't?

Why is it, that while he can do this:

The sound of a mouse fart in the neighbor's attic wakes me up?

The only conclusion I have come to is that if you want to continue to be able to sleep, and sleep well..... NEVER have children ;-)

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