Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011. Now go create something!

Saturday was a lazy day. Lounging, watching movies, eating leftovers... while I wish more days could be like that I also recognize the hidden danger in them.... lethargy. Lack of movement + eating = weight that I don't want. Sunday was similar. We ate the last of the prime rib as breakfast, watched a couple of movies and then after Dale left to drive back to Chico, LD and I built this:

I found it interesting that I was unable to loacate any written directions from the Hasbro website that gave you details about how to make anything from Tinker Toys. Their idea of "instructions" are pictures - ONE view only - of things that you can make. While these are great for inspiration, they do leave a little something to be desired in the "what the heck do I do next???" area.  Has anyone else found written directions anywhere? As a result, we spent about 2 hours creating this airplane. He spent the rest of the afternoon & evening flying it around the room shooting at imaginary bad guys.  Which is a good thing because they kept me up all night Saturday night.

So..... go out and create something!

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