Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast.....

I was going to share more of our Tinker Toy creations today.... but something has happened that has made me seriously question the stuff that goes on in my subconscious. 

I had an odd dream last night. And I don't mean just run of the mill odd - such as flying, or being naked in public, or wearing strange clothes.....I mean I woke up and said, "WHAT THE ......!!!" While I can't recall all of the details, I felt that if I didn't at least get SOME of it out, I'd be thinking of it for months... it was really quite disturbing.

I blame the "dairy trifecta" of butter, cream and cheese that I ate at 8pm.... My grandpa used to tell me that eating heavy meals right before bed would give me strange dreams. I didn't believe him until now.

***WARNING: I was told by a friend this morning (after I messaged her a summary of the dream) to remind her NOT to drink and read stuff I write - She says, "don't drink and drive, don't drink and text, don't drink and read." So, based on that I would recommend that if you are drinking (or eating) that you stop before you continue reading here.....

The dream starts with Dale, another friend & I talking about the other friend's job and how he hasn't been paid in over a month. It's the same job he has had for a while now, but he made it sound like he's never been paid. He is telling us that they need to fill more phone rep positions so that they can increase volume of sales – which supposedly will get him paid.

Apparently, I'm looking for a job down there so I agree to go to the interview and “first day” screening process etc, which just happens to be starting within a few minutes of our discussion.

I show up and am seated in a room at one of several banquet tables along with what seems like 50+ other women. A small zipper case and a questionnaire on paper is handed to all of us. Upon being told to do so, we all open the case and find in it one really long artificial finger nail and a tube of acrylic nail compound and a file as well as a small tube of glue. We're instructed that we have to apply the nail to our right pinky and then our work will be inspected to see if we meet the standards to work here.

I looked at the gal next to me and asked her if this (pointing at the stuff in the case) was what she thought she was going to be doing here, and she said, “not at all... I thought I was going to be painting Easter eggs.”

I got up and left, and realized that in the time I was in there hours had passed – it had gone from mid morning to dark.... I started walking around because I knew something was weird here and I needed to find Dale – when I went to “apply” he was in an office just around the corner.

But, as I walked things got even stranger – there was room after room of women seated at banquet tables – all doing different, though equally strange things. Some were rolling paper into tubes, some were sewing.... and everyone had the same look on their face, the “This wasn't what I was expecting” look, yet they were all still sitting there. I was the only one who'd gotten up to leave.

Finally someone asked me if they could help me. I told them yes, I was looking for Dale and they said, “oh just a minute, his office is over there, I'll go get him. Please wait here.” So I waited for what seemed like an hour and finally the guy came back and said, “this way please.” I followed him and he opened Dale's “office” door. I walk in and see Dale sitting on the floor in his underwear, playing Donkey Kong. He looked over his shoulder at me like this was perfectly normal and said, “hold on, I'll be done in a minute.”

The last part of the dream I remember was looking around at the “office” and thinking it looked nothing like an office, but more like a fancy dorm room – he had a fouton bed that was pulled out, book shelves, a kitchen area etc, but it was all set up like a high end professional decorator had come in and made it look nice..... He noticed I was looking around and said, “Isn't this GREAT???”

All I could think was “wow, he's living down there so he can play video games in his underwear as a job??? Hell, he can do that up here with us!” And then I woke up.

I think I need some serious help. Or at least a reminder NOT to eat home made mac & cheese right before bed.

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