Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dad's room

Some time around 6th grade (26+ years ago) my grandpa "finished" their house. If you've been reading the blog over the last year, you know I've been documenting some of the projects we've undertaken. All in the name of updating the house, making some much needed repairs, and giving us more living space.

This weekend we tackled Dad's bedroom. When the house was originally constructed, my grandpa built it as a one bedroom one bath, with a tiny kitchen and living room. In essence, it was their retirement home. A place where they would spend their summers.

It was never intended to be a year-round residence, but for the last 14 years, that's what it's been for my dad. The bedroom was still sporting the ORIGINAL paint from when I was 11 years old! The walls were pink (yes, PINK... grandpa LOVED pink) and the ceiling was white... And, since dad was a smoker inside the house till we moved in, the walls were also VERY stained from the cigarette smoke. The wall lights were mismatched and in general, the place was in SAD shape.

We stripped the room of all the furnishings we could move, SCRUBBED the walls and ceiling, painted it, put up new lights and new drapes (replacing some UGLY mini blinds) and moved dad back into his room, all in a period of less than 48 hours. We were VERY busy trying to get this done over the short weekend, so there are only a few pictures. But, it should give you an idea of what a drastic difference it made. The best part was that we did it all for under $150!

2 gallons of "oops" paint at Lowe's $9.00 each (if you ever need paint cheap, look for these!)
2 drapery panels $25.00 each
drapery hardware (rod & hold backs) $24.00
2 wall lights $20.00 each


Here you can see the difference between the areas we'd "washed" and those we hadn't:

AFTER (what a difference a day makes!):

Dad was beyond thrilled with the way it looked, and commented that having the house looking so nice made him want to buy new furniture... While I don't think he'll actually buy ALL new furniture, I do think he'll get some new things - which is good, it's about time Dad!!

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