Friday, December 16, 2011

This..... is a War Cake

A what?

You heard me, A War Cake.

How did we get to the point where a War Cake was needed? Being born on Christmas Eve kind of sucks. Luckily, LD doesn't know this. We've always made sure that we have his birthday party a week before his actual birthday, so that he never suffers the "Merry Birthday" consequence of having been born so close to Christmas. Right now there are Christmas presents under our tree, and right next to them on the piano bench are his birthday gifts.

The gifts are easy. Toys. Just about any toy. Heck, the box the toy comes in is good as far as he's concerned. The cake on the other hand can prove to be difficult to guess. Last year he wanted simple. As long as it was chocolate, it was all good. This year? Not so much.

When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, LD said, "a war cake."

A war cake? Please explain....

Army guys, a tank... and then exploding noises.

Ok, I get it. A war cake.

Initially, I thought maybe I'd take the easy way out. As much as I like cooking and baking, I was feeling a decided lack of creativity and figured if I could get a place like Costco or Winco to make and decorate the cake, then it was worth the cost. After spending almost an hour at three bakeries last night, I realized that the choices of commercially made birthday cakes were lame, lame and well.... lame. The closest to a "war cake" was one of those where they put a photo image of the child's face on the body of a soldier. I knew that really wouldn't do.

I spent another hour looking for the right army guys - mainly I wanted something that was more than just the plain bag of them that you find everywhere - there had to be more to it. What I ended up with was a big tub of military stuff. It's neat because once the cake is gone, LD has one more toy to play with (and storage for it!).

Today LD and I baked, assembled and decorated his cake, and it went a little something like this:

That's two very thin layers for the base

The start of the mountain for the waterfall

At this point the battery died in my camera... so I missed a few shots. But we had good momentum so there was no way I was going to stop and wait for the battery to be ready to go. I opted to remove the piece on the lower right corner - in order to fit in the tank... cause what's a war cake without a tank?

All I can hope for at this point is that the little guys don't escape and completely destroy the contents of our refrigerator before tomorrow afternoon.

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