Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A wasted day?

A day wasted is not necessarily a bad thing. In the last few years (about 5) I've realized something. While so many people scurry around looking for the answers, spending their entire LIVES looking for answers, I realized I didn't NEED answers. I don't know them now, and I'm content in my not knowing. My life is not meaningless without "Belief"  (that's right the "big B" as in religion). I am free from the shackles of having to know, and needing the mysteries of life justified. Sometimes, a mystery is better left a mystery.

Today, LD and I stayed in our PJ's.

We watched several movies (The Aristocats, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Ant Bully), we ate popcorn, and just laid around all day.

While nothing significant was accomplished, unless you count dinner, and it could be considered by some to be a wasted day, I think that every so often you MUST waste a day. Even the pets got in on the action, or lack of, today.

Try it sometime - let the dishes pile up till later,  you'll be glad you did!

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