Monday, May 10, 2010

More Snow???

I told a friend it was snowing this morning... She said, "It's May!" Yep, such is life around these parts. The day started out gloomy. We knew it was going to be icky today - the weather man said so yesterday. However, he neglected to mention snow. Cold mornings require something warm & comfy for breakfast.

As the day progressed, the snow became a bit more persistent. While it never got really COLD - the snow still melted for the most part.

Around 1:30 it finally started sticking

By 4:45 the snow had let up to all but a tiny flurry here and there, but it'd left it's mark

All the while, the little swallows were flying around frantically, still working on their little nest.

Still a few more weeks till this is over....

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