Friday, July 23, 2010

Storage of all sizes

Oh how I've slacked off about posting these two stories... but today I decided I MUST get these done or I'd never do it....

First - the infamous shed project. 

We have 5 storage sheds on the property - all are 10x12. They've got siding and metal roofs and match the house.. and they're FULL of stuff - amazing huh? Well, one of them was starting to slide toward the neighbor's yard. It was already ON the property line and if we didn't move it, well a couple more years and it'd likely be IN their yard. Plus, one corner was resting on our septic tank - which is an "above ground" model....different huh? In fact, the only things keeping the shed from having already ended up in the neighbor's yard was the septic tank and the fact that the roof of it overlaps the roof of the one next to it - it was resting on the septic tank and the roof of the next shed in the row. If we didn't do something soon, it'd be a bad chain reaction....

We had to dig out the ground, brace it, jack it up, then slide it back into our yard and then give it better supports. We opted to support it with RR ties. It's now nice & solid, and level again!!! The best part about this project was that Dad could actually get involved and do some of the work and not hurt himself! Here is that job, in all it's glory.

Second - Semi Trailers.

Five 10x12 storage sheds FULL of stuff means one thing - too much stuff to know what you have or where to find what you need. Our solution was to bring in two 40' long semi trailers. There are lots of places out there that sell used semi trailers.  And, there are a LOT of advantages to using a semi trailer over a traditional shed:

1) it's mobile - if you ever want to move it, you can (assuming you have the room).
2) it doesn't require a permit!! Please check with your local county to be sure, but I was told that it required NO permit - where any shed over 10x12 (measuring from the roof lines) requires a permit
3) they make excellent privacy screens - at about 13 feet tall, they block the view better than anything else I can think of.
4) if you buy a used one, and it's NOT registered, there are no ongoing fees every year!
5) no building skills or contractor needed - they're ready to go - literally you can have storage in less than 30 minutes!
6) Sturdy!! Aside from the rubber tires, most semi's are made with metal or fiberglass siding over a metal frame - no wood to rot etc.
7) BIG doorway - At about 8 feet wide, that's a heck of a lot more door than you get on a shed - even one with a sliding door.
And finally,
8) off the ground - only the most determined mouse will make it's way into your storage when it's about 4 feet off the ground!! - Plus, if you live in an area prone to flooding, this solves your problem.... in most cases. If you get more than 3 feet of flood water on a regular basis, well you should probably consider living in an ark rather than a house!

Here are the two trailers we bought for storage - now we can organize, sort and make sure that all of our stuff is EASILY accessible!! We went through Quick Space in Reno - they had our two trailers delivered within 2 days of us deciding which ones we wanted, and they were both delivered the same day. Given how far from everything we live, this was, and IS truly impressive!!! Quick Space was awesome, the guys (Gene, Jeff and Mark) were wonderful to work with, all had a great sense of humor and made this process totally painless!

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