Thursday, December 9, 2010

Too much good food...

No pictures today.... just sharing a realization....

I've heard it said that there's "never too much of a good thing." Well.... I'd like to argue that point. Over Thanksgiving we had SO much food that was SO rich that well..... no one wanted to eat left overs after the first time through. In fact I had a REALLY difficult time LOOKING at them to package up what was left and stick it in the freezer... It was really hard. Just thinking about ham right now makes me want to curl into the fetal position and cry.

But, there's a secondary problem  that I'm facing lately... I think I've reached burn out with cooking. Not that I don't still enjoy it immensely, but when I sit down and look through recipes or try to come up with an idea for dinner, nothing sounds good. We ate pizza rolls for dinner last night for cripes sake!! I think it's just that we've eaten so well for over a year now that our bodies are saying, "woah there Nellie.... can we get something simple?"

Lunch today is a very plain vegetable soup - chicken broth, potatoes, shallots, garlic, carrots & celery.

So this year, instead of ham and a zillion side dishes and 16 pies and all the rest at Christmas.... I'm going to keep it simple.

Prime Rib
Some sort of potatoes
Gravy/au jus
Roasted asparagus (If I can find any that look good) (and maybe the brussels sprouts again)
Dinner rolls

ONE dessert, which is really the only unknown at this point.....

And my goal is to keep the quantities of food down to a manageable amount so there are NOT so many left overs!!

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